Hodge Podge Hosting

by Conduit Implementations

You don't need to pay market rates to host your side project.

So you've finished your nice new web app, and all that's left is to deploy it. You might not be sure how many users it's going to get, so it might not particularly be worth an expensive hosting setup. Hodge Podge uses hardware that perfectly fits your project - gear (typically used, off-lease gear) that is usually relegated to hobbyists - to provide the afforable infrastructure it needs.

So my app will be hosted in some random person's homelab on their home internet?

That's where we split from the hobbyists. We rent real datacenter space, with real IP transit and peering, and thanks to our hardware selection you're basically only paying for those - we pass the savings on to you.

That sounds kinda neat, what sort of savings are we talking here?

With colocation, we can provide a home for your server starting at $55 per month, including power, a gigabit network connection, and an IPv4 address. We regularly see similar services advertised for upwards of $70 per month. Plus, if you purchase a server from the Hodge Podge Parts store, there's no setup fee!

With a virtual server, our plans start at only $2 per month for a barebones server with only IPv6 inbound connectivity (IPv4 under NAT), which can be great for development, with more powerful plans starting at $7.50 per month for a server with IPv6 and IPv4, ready for production.

So you're just a VPS provider?

Nope! We currently have VPS and object storage in the works, but additional services are in the pipeline. Additionally, we can offer bespoke dedicated servers and colocation - including with unconventional requirements. Need to announce some IPs over BGP? We've got ya! Need a port on an internet exchange? We'll make that happen! Want us to acquire a server for you? We have Craigslist and transportation!

If you're curious about our network infrastructure, we've written up a description of our current network.

If you're interested in any of these services (or just want chat!) send us an email at [email protected]! We'll try to get back to you within 24 hours!