Hodge Podge Hosting Network

by Conduit Implementations

Naming Convention

Equipment is named after the ICAO code of an arbitrary airport. Typically, the airport will be near the physical location of the equipment.


Our main point of presence is in Fremont, California. We have a 1Gbps transit connection to Hurricane Electric, and we are peered at FCIX with a 1Gbps port. Our core router in Fremont is a Mikrotik RB4011 (KSJC). We are looking into acquiring a switch as we are rapidly outgrowing the limited built-in switch on the RB4011. Our main virtualization server in Fremont is an upgraded Dell PowerEdge R620 (KPAO).


We're working on opening a second point of presence in central or south-east Texas. We'll keep this page up to date with any public progress on this venture.